You are stuck with me for life // Closed


"I will. You know I will show you my favorite spot in the entire kingdom." They getting closer to the stables and Ryan’s posture suddenly stiffen. It had been two months since he hadn’t come to this place and the memories were still fresh.

”Oh I can’t wait then!” Andrea exclaimed happily, at first not even noticing that he had stiffened on the spot once they arrived at the stables. Only when he completely stopped did Andrea turn to look at him, slightly confused. ”Ryan? Is everything okay?”

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Baby rp Starters

"Guess what? We're having a baby!"
"Do I look fat to you?"
"I'm what?"
"I went to the doctor today."
"You know how I've been getting kinda sick recently? Well, turns out, I'm not actually sick..."
"I feel so helpless like this. I don't like it."
"How's the baby?"
"How are you feeling? I know pregnancy can be tough..."
"Need some help? Here, don't get up. I'll get it for you. Wouldn't want you to over exert yourself."
"I saw you leaving this morning, and a little birdy told me you went to the doctor. Care to explain?"
"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're more... round than you used to be."
"You're going to be a mother?"
"It's going to be a girl."
"It's going to be a boy."
"Aren't you excited? There's gonna be a baby!"
"Guess what? You're going to be a father."
"I'm not ready for a baby. I... I can't have a baby."
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Shout at my muse to see how they respond:

"I shouldn’t be in love with you!"
"It’s not fair!"
"I could kill you right now!"
"Knock it off!"
"Screw you!"
"You’re a complete moron!"
"I love this song!"
"Bring that here!"
"I hate you!"
"I’m pissed off!"
"Make me!"
"I wish you’d never been born!"
"I bought ice cream!"
"Kiss my ass!"
"Shut up!"
"I can’t do it anymore!"
"Take me home!"
"Just kiss me already!
"I can't be in love with you!"
"I can't believe this!"
"Piss off!"
"I wish things were that simple!"
"I love you!"
"Jump off a bridge!"
"You’re so hot!"
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Send me a ★ if you want me to write a starter to rp with you.

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Anonymously tell me why you follow me.

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The Heir || Ryan and Andrea


Ryan growled at her action. The King was practically dragged by the Queen through the castle’s hallways. He wanted to disappear and hide somewhere but it was too late. They were already at the kitchens.

Andrea merely chuckled at Ryan’s reaction. All of the soldiers and servants saw taht she was dragging him along and truthfully, she enjoyed doing such things that would slightly embarrass Ryan. Of course, she didn’t mean it bad.

Once in the kitchen, she made her way with him through the kitchens, finding the cook and immediately starting to tell him about the banquet and the food they would need.

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Sherlock raised his eyebrow,

"What? Why?" He asked, bending down and smiling at the little girl.

”Because I’m actually letting their daughter play with your chemicals…” She said, watching Abby get really excited with the vials.

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How do I live without you // closed with andrea-malfoy


"Sadly you can’t." Ryan sighed his deepest fear becoming reality. "I…" He grabbed one of the pillows.

Andrea sighed audiably, almost at the verge of tears again, but then she felt something tug at the pillow. Holding her breath, she hesitately reached forwards, feeling her hand run though something very cold and watery, yet her hand remained dry. ”You’re here…” she breathed out.

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Okay I kept this for myself for a very long time but I seriously can’t keep it to myself anymore. It’s about an ex rp partner and I won’t say any names, but I really need to get this off my chest.

It’s pretty long so you can ignore this is you want.

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We are human after all // Andrea and Ryan


"You sure?" He asked feeling himself nearing the edge because of the sensation. It has been far too long without woman’s touch for him and on top of that he loved this woman with all of his heart.

”Yes!” Andrea gasped out, her hips bucking up against his thrusts, waiting to draw more pleasure from their love making. Now that she had a taste of him, she couldn’t have enough of him.