( hermione looked down when she
        commented on her clothes. she
        didn’t see anything wrong with them.
        she must have landed somewhere
        where girls still haven’t started wearing
        trousers. )

"It’s lovely to meet you, Princess Andrea.
     I come from London, England.”

( she didn’t mention anything about where
     she came from, she couldn’t give too much away. )

"Although, what’s wrong with my
     outfit? Girls here don’t wear trousers?”


{ Andrea gave a heartly chuckle
before shaking her head. By gods
this girl was very weird but in a
way she was entertained by it. It
amused her greatly at how she
seemed to be. }

    ”Well of course women here
    don’t wear trousers. Only men
    wear them. Nobody would ever
    dare dress as the opposite sex
    here. We are in a kingdom, after
    all, not at an amusement fair. We
    need to find you a dress, Hermione.
    I can’t possibly let you walk around
    like this. And will you tell me more
    about this London and England? The
    names sound really exotic.”

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Rivals || Phoenix and Andrea

The Hogwarts Express was very crowded that day. Andrea didn’t remember last time she saw so many students go to Hogwarts. It was her final year at Hogwarts and on top of everything, she became the new Head Girl. Andrea looked forward to it, knowing that the Slytherin house would have many privileges now that she was in charge. She was the Slytherin Princess, much like her cousin Draco was Slytherin Prince a few years back. However, Andrea would soon find out that her time as Head Girl wouldn’t be so pleasant as she originally thought.

Upon entering the compartment reserved only for the Head Girl and Head Boy, Andrea’s smile immediately vanished and was replaced by a deep frown. In the compartment was no other than Phoenix Braden, the last person Andrea wanted to see in the world. “Well, well, well… It seems that the Snake walked into the Lion’s den. Braden, please don’t tell me they appointed such an idiot like you to be the Head Boy,” the blonde said as she flopped down on the seat acroos from him, a stern look on her face and her arms folded in front of her chest. She highly hoped that this was just a joke. Because if it wasn’t… This would be one hell of a year at Hogwarts.

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Room 133 || Killian and Andrea

Ever since the curse was broken, a lot of things changed in Storybrooke. Everybody got their memories back, most denizens were after Regina, wanting to have their revenge on her, others were trying to leave Storybrooke, wanting to get away and back to the Enchanted Forest. On top of everything, Emma and Mary Margaret seemed to be missing so poor David had to manage everything by himself, including the recent troubles with Belle crossing the townline, a man running over the pirate who brought Cora to Storybrooke with his car. There were a lot of volunteers needed at Storybrooke General and Andrea, wanting to be of some kind of use, signed up in the volunteering program.

Doctor Whale assigned her to the children section and the young girl accepted that open handly. Andrea loved children and she would do anything to make their stay at the hospital a better one. And she would even check on Belle from time to time when the kids were asleep. Andrea enjoyed her time at the hospital in making the patients’s stay easier to cope with. Even after her volunteering hours were over, Andrea would sometimes visit older patients as well, especially those who didn’t have any family and were all alone. She would read the newspaper to them or just listen to their stories.

One day, however, as she was making her way out of the hospital, Andrea was stopped by Dr. Whale. “Andrea, do you have a moment?” he asked.

"Of course, Doctor," Andrea replied with a smile. Whale motioned for her to follow him to his office and she did, sitting on a chair in front of his desk once he offered her a seat.

"I’ve seen how hard you have worked here for the past few weeks now. All patients say that you brought a little ray of light and happiness while they are here. And that’s why I want to ask you something. You are very good in interactions with people, and we have a patient who is… not so willing to communicate with any of the staff. I though that you, as a volunteer, might get him to talk?"

Andrea listened carefully, a small blush forming on her cheeks as Whale told her what the patients thought of her. “Sure. I would be more than happy to help. Who is this patient?”

Whale shifted a bit in his seat, seemingly slightly uncomfortable with the question. “Well… He is currently is our psychiatry section of our Storybrooke General. The man in question is Killian Jones.”

Andrea’s eyes went wide at the mention of the pirate. “Hook? I… I don’t think I am the right person to do this kind of thing. He is dangerous.”

"He may be dangerous but so far he didn’t do anything at all. He didn’t move, he barely eats, he didn’t utter a single word to anybody," Whale was persistant.

Andrea shook her head. “He’s is trying to kill Mr. Gold.”

"Yes, but he is currently—…"

"And he shot Belle! She lost his memories because of him!"

Whale sighed. “I know. Just… Give it a go. Please? He may be a criminal but I can’t just let him be like this forever. Maybe… Maybe you could go to him tomorrow? Bring a book too. Maybe it will help if you read to him. C’mon, Andrea, you can’t let me hang in this now. You even once managed to make Leroy smile. If somebody can do it, than it’s you.”

"Yes but… I don’t… Ugh… Fine. Fine, Whale, I’ll do it. Which room is he is?"

Whale smiled at her when she agreed. “Room 133.”

And so the next morning, Andrea was going though the books on her bookshelf, trying to find a good book to take with her and to read to the pirate captain. “‘The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist’… No that’s not it…” Andrea muttered to herself. “‘The Red Dragon’… Right… Reading this to him will give him more ideas on how to kill people… ‘Peter Pan’… Nope… Better not give him nightmares by reading to him that he is supposed to have a moustache and perms… ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’… No. Definitely not. Ah! Here we go. ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’. This will work.”

With the book in hand, Andrea made her way to the hospital and to the psychiatric sectionof it, where Whale was already waiting for her in front of room 133. “Ready?” He asked and Andrea nodded. Moments later, she was inside the room, the iron door osing behind her. She swallowed a bit and glanced over at the man in the bed. He was still all bruised up and bundled up in blankets. She gave him a small smile and took a few steps towards the bed. “Umm.. Hi. I’m Andrea. I came to keep you company for a while today. You surely are lonely here.” She got no respose, just like Whale said. “Can I sit on the chair next to your bed?” Again, no respose. Biting her lower lip gently, Andrea sat down non the less, looking again at him. “I brought a book with me. Would you like me to read it to you?” Nothing. This would be a very long day.

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René's Intro:

HOLY COW! There are 1000 of you here and I’m all like: ”Where are you all coming from?!” This really is crazy because I never thought I would have so many followers, especially because I run an OC blog.But I don’t want to celebrate just my 1000 followers here. Today, July 4th, is Andrea’s first year anniversary on tumblr. I can’t believe it’s already been a year that I am here. I want to share my happiness with all of you, so I give you a double giveaway. ^_^ Without further ado, let’s move to the more important things concerning the giveaway.

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"Happy birthday, Faith!" Andrea said with a smile, leading the girlup on deck where she had fove huge teddy bears waiting for her.

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"Of course I was." Her daughter giggled mischieviously. (sorry for the wait haha. I only just remembered that I did this and then I was at work and blah)



”Oh? Well I don’t seem to trust your mischievious giggle, young miss.”

"Daddy and I pulled pranks on the commoners." She giggles

Andrea frowned lightly. “That’s not really nice, Anthea. What will people think, hm?”

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Anonymous ;  
"Of course I was." Her daughter giggled mischieviously. (sorry for the wait haha. I only just remembered that I did this and then I was at work and blah)

”Oh? Well I don’t seem to trust your mischievious giggle, young miss.”

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Slate smiled as he saw how excited Andrea was.  “Maybe it will give me ideas for another wedding that might be in the future,” he said as he began to pick out his clothes.  He looked to his phone screen to make sure what he was seeing was able to be seen by Andrea.  “Blue tshirt or the red one?” he asked, focusing his phone onto his dresser.

At Slate’s words, Andrea gasped before a wide grin appeared on her face. Was he really planning on proposing to her? Her heart raced and she didn’t speak for a while. ”Are you saying that for real or are you just joking, Slate?” She had to ask, just to make sure. Then she focused on the dresser. ”Uuummm… If you’re wearing jeans, then the blue one. If you’re wearing black trousers, then the red one.”

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