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He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply, "I've missed you...where have you been?"



”I missed you too, Ani…” She smiled a bit and kissed him back. ”I was away… I needed to get away from everything.”

He cupped her face and looked into her eyes.

"Andrea babe, you got to trust me, this is why shit like this happens when you don’t learn to fucking trust," He growled, "Just go pack and I will take care of everything, alright? Stop worrying—concentrate on gathering our things and keeping an eye on Rose."

He kissed her briefly then walked off, removing his phone as he instantly dialed a number to get a hold of someone from the auror department.

He was angry with her, there are no doubt there. The last time he growled like this at her was when they had their first fight and that ended really bad, so she just nodded and kissed him back before letting him do the calls. Andrea quickly gathered herself together before standing up and dashing upstairs.

She packed Rose’s things first, all of her clothes and toys put in a bag with an undetectable extension charm on it, doing the same with their things a while later. Shouldering the bag, Andrea picked up her little baby girl and herld her tightly to herself while making her way downstairs, where she waited for Aneirin to finish the calls.

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He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply, "I've missed you...where have you been?"



”I missed you too, Ani…” She smiled a bit and kissed him back. ”I was away… I needed to get away from everything.”

Tears pierced his eyes and he wrapped his arms tightly around her, then pulled her close. This means they couldn’t no longer stay in their beautiful home. They had to leave and go underground somewhere while he worked to kick their asses. He wrapped his arms tighter around her as he grew terribly quiet—something one should watch for when Aneirin is extremely broken and pissed off to the point where he shuts down.

"Start packing," He said, "I have some calls I need to make."

”I’m so sorry…” Andrea choked out as Aneirin hugged her close. She burried her head in his chest and let her tears finally fall freely. ”I s-swear I t-tried to escape… I just d-din’t m-manage sooner….” And then she realised that he didn’t utter a single word, not a hush or shush or anything else. She gulped, knowing what that meant. He would seek revenge for what they did to her. When he told ehr to pack, she looked at him and nodded. ”I’ll do it right away. Can… can you ask if they can transport us to a safe house or something? And can we get Aurors around the house to protect us? If… if something happens to you or Rose because of me…”

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"Take your time coming home, love, and grab whatever you want on the way.  I’ll just make some mac and cheese or something."

”Okay, honey. I’ll see you when I get home.” With that, Andrea blew him a kiss over FaceTime before closing the app and continuing with ehr shopping. It was ages since the last time she had the whole day for herself and she would enjoy every single moment of it.

One the way home, she stopped by a pizzeria, buying two large pizzas before parking the car fifteen minutes later. Entering the house, she slipped out of her shoes and called for Slate. ”Babe? I’m home!”

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Dear tumblr,

please stop unfollowing my rp parters and people I follow.

Thank you.


pissed off René

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"I have no idea what you’re talking about," he replied with a wink at the camera.  "And blue it is."  He thought about how he was just going to take the day off today and lounge around the apartment and smiled.  He often didn’t get downtime.

”Of course you don’t, Slate” Andrea chuckled, watching him take the shirt and dress. ”So I’ll be home in about two hours. Do you want me to grab something to eat while I’m out or should I make you your favourite when I come home?”

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The Prince and the Servant || Loki and Andrea

As long as Andrea could remember, her family had always served the Allfather and his family. Andrea, once she grew old enough, would usually help them as much as she could. Her mother was the Queen’s chambermaid and Andrea spent a lot of time with her and the Queen, but also her sons who were with her most of time. Andrea always saw Thor as the louder one out of the two fo them, while Loki was calmer, but always up to mischief. As they years passed, Andrea became closer with them, even closer when it came to Loki. Thor would always be out and about with Sif, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, usually leaving Loki behind.

That’s when Andrea would keep him company if she wasn’t needed, either doing mischief with him or just sit and talk for hours with him. She understood all too well how it was when you were all on your own, since she was an only child. As the years passed, the friendship between Andrea and Loki became stronger and Andrea found herself slowly falling for the Asgard Prince. Yet she never spoke of it, knowing that her feelings wouldn’t probably be returned, and even if they were, their relationship wouldn’t be allowed. He was a Prince and she just a servant girl.

That day, as she was walking out of the Queen’s chambers, having helped her mother clean it thoroughly. Her mother told her she could take a small break and Andrea nodded in appreciation, excusing herself and immediately going to the royal gardens.To her surprise, she found Loki there, book in hand and eyes focused on the content of it. Smiling lightly, Andrea took a small stroll through the gardens, keeping her distance a bit, until the path brought her to the beck Loki was sitting on and reading. ”Good afternoon, your Majesty,” she greeted, still always being formal with him on approach. ”It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?”

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